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1. The MPG School is a Membership Based Content Streaming service. Creating an MPG Membership provides access to stream course materials but does not, in any way, convey, transfer or provide any rights of ownership or freedom to provide access to anyone other than yourself. The courses and content of the MPG School are copyrighted and owned solely by the MPG School.

2. Unless a specific Download Link is provided, downloading, recording or in any way capturing any content, excerpt or part of any course, workshop or class is strictly prohibited. As such, there are no assumed or implied or granted permissions, of any kind, to stream, share, package, repackage, sell, resell, or provide  access to any other person, file sharing service, content provider or distribution service.

3. The MPG School monitors member activity for the purpose improving the layout, subject matter and quality of content. Should any suspicious activity around your membership profile occur, your membership will be temporarily suspended for further review. If it is discovered that you have violated any of the terms above, your membership will be cancelled without refund.

4. All sales are final.

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