The Pro Tools Basics Course

Pro Tools Course

The Pro Tools Course is an 8 week journey into the heart of Pro Tools. This course is designed to teach you Pro Tools from the perspective of a professional engineer. Each lesson features practical examples so that you learn more than just what the buttons do, but also see how they are used in a session.

Pro Tools was designed specifically for professional engineers and through this course you will gain a deeper understanding of Pro Tools and how it was designed to be used. The professional insights and depth I add to this course will bring a whole new level of meaning even if you are an experienced user.

The total course includes 8 two-hour classes with a bonus class and, additional lessons that provide depth and detail for each week’s specific topic. The Lessons Include:

  • Support Videos
  • Audio Programs
  • Articles
  • Access to the Replay of all live classes
  • Ask questions through the online forums

Check out the detailed curriculum below…

The Program

Class 1: Pro Tools Basics

This is an introduction to Pro Tools, its history, design and operating philosophy. This class will set the foundation for the rest of the 8 week course..

  • What is Pro Tools
  • A Brief History and Design Philosophy
  • The Edit Window
  • The Mix Window
  • Navigating in Pro Tools
  • The Pro Tools Menus and Preferences


Class 2: Recording in Pro Tools

This class provides the essential information for recording into Pro Tools. You will learn valuable tips and tricks for recording and organizing your performances.

  • Working With Tracks
  • Managing Hardware and I/O Setup
  • Assigning Inputs and Outputs
  • Recording Audio
  • Recording MIDI
  • Managing Takes and Playlists
  • Using Record Modes in Pro Tools


Class 3: Editing in Pro Tools Part 1

This is the first of 3 editing classes and primarily focusses on the Edit Modes and Edit Tools. All other editing in Pro Tools is based on these fundamental settings.

  • Non Destructive Editing
  • The Edit Modes
  • The Edit Tools
  • Cross-Fades, Fade-Ins and Fade-Outs
  • Working With Edit Groups


Class 4: Editing in Pro Tools Part 2

This class covers the enormous number of editing features built into Pro Tools that are either hidden in menus or work best by shortcuts.

  • Editing with Clip Groups
  • Editing with Clip Loops
  • The Edit Menu
  • Editing Shortcuts
  • Preserving Edits


Class 5: Editing Pro Tools Part 3 

This class covers the power of Elastic Audio and how to completely transform the way you work with performances. It will also cover the powerful tools of Beat Detective and Sound Replacer.

  • Elastic Audio Plugins
  • Editing With Elastic Audio
  • Groove Templates and Quantizing Audio
  • Beat Detective
  • Sound Replacer


Class 6: Mixing in Pro Tools Part 1 

Mixing is one of the great strengths of Pro Tools. This class covers the foundational principles of the Pro Tools mix system.

  • Levels, Panning and Balance
  • Plugins and Inserts
  • Aux Sends
  • Effects Returns and Master Fader
  • Working With Mix Groups
  • Working With VCA Group Faders


Class 7: Mixing in Pro Tools Part 2

This class dives into all forms of automation in Pro Tools including the automation of plugins, sends, groups, and the master fader.

  • Automation Basics
  • Automation Views
  • Automation Modes
  • Enabling/Disabling Automation
  • Real-Time Automation
  • Automating Plugins and Effects
  • Editing Automation Data


Class 8: Mixing Pro Tools Part 3 

The last of the 3 automation classes deals with all of the technical issues of managing automation, playback of audio files and plugin buffers. This is essential information for getting the most juice out of your computer. In the end you will learn how to print your mix.

  • Managing Buffers for Plugins
  • Managing Buffers for Audio
  • Automation Preferences
  • Managing Plugin Latency
  • Bounce to Disk…
  • Final Thoughts…


Bonus Class: Shortcut Boot Camp 

This bonus class is all about working with shortcuts in Pro Tools. More that just a huge list of shortcuts, this class will show you what shortcuts are most relevant for the way you work. Memorization is not necessary.

  • Navigation Shortcuts
  • Operational Shortcuts
  • Recording Shortcuts
  • Editing Shortcuts
  • Mixing Shortcuts
  • What Shortcuts are Right For You


Purchase the Pro Tools Basics Course

$79 for 1 year access

Purchasing the Pro Tools Basics Course will give you full access to all the online course materials.

In this course you will get:

  • Access to all 8 two-hour Classes
  • Over 40 Additional Support Videos
  • Bonus Shortcuts Class

After purchase you can access the course materials using the “MPG Membership Home Page” navigation tab on the left of the screen and selecting “Pro Tools Course”.


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