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  1. Live Class #1: Live Classes will be conducted via YouTube Live, same as Mixing With Mike. Classes will be held every Thursday at 4PM Pacific Time (US). You do not need to attend the live class to participate in the course as a video recording of it will be made available the same evening. The Live Classes will contain instructions and demonstrations of each week’s work.
  2. Study Course Materials: In addition to the live class instructions, each week will also include a series of video materials you will be required to watch to enhance your understanding of each step in the mixing process.
  3. Start Mixing: Begin your mix following the provided instructions. If you have questions, you will be able to email me directly. Do not mix beyond that week’s assignment.
  4. Submit Your Work: All mixes will be submitted via shared DropBox folder. Each person will have an individual DropBox folder shared only with me.
  5. Review Your Evaluation: You will receive a video evaluation of your work through your DropBox folder. Review the video and make the necessary corrections or adjustments before the next class. Private Lesson students must submit their work before the scheduled lesson.
  6. Attend the Next Weekly Live Class

The Program

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