Pitch Correcting Vocals

AutoTune, Melodyne and WavesTune

These videos are from a live online music production class (January 16, 2013) about the process of applying Pitch correction to vocals.

These videos include:

  • The history of Pitch Correction
  • Pitch Correction Techniques
  • Antares AutoTune Plugin
  • Celemony Melodyne Plugin
  • WavesTune Plugin

I hope you find this information helpful…

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  1. Hi Mike

    I have Waves Tune LT. It looks like glue, cut and the other blue box features are not available to me. Do you know if this is correct or am I missing something?

    I’m trying to pitch correct some vocals and after I scan, are the vocals automatically pitch corrected or do I have to manipulate controls to pitch correct? The only controls I have access to are the speed, note transition, and rate knobs and zoom. I see on your video you are manipulating the blue controls but I don’t have these available on my version. I guess my question is, when the scan is done, has the pitch correcting already been completed, or do I have to use all the knobs to correct it?

    Now the vocal is lagging behind the beat when it wasn’t before. It got latent on me and I don’t know what I did wrong.

    Any pointers for me?


    • Hi Karen,

      Yes, unfortunately the Waves LT version is missing key features like the Glue tool. Guess they have to give you a reason to buy the full version… 😐

      You will have to lasso the segments together in order to edit them…


      • Thanks, Mike! Sorry it took me so long to reply. I was able to pitch correct my tracks with LT and even though I could’t even find the lasso option, I still got it done and it sounds great. Very tedious though and that small screen is a pain.

  2. Update:

    I played with this more…I am getting pitch correction happening, but the corrected vocal is latent. I guess that’s my only question. How do I fix this? Thanks, Mike!

    • Hi Karen,

      The latency can be fixed by adjusting the Delay Compensation Settings in the PlayBack Engine. If you do not have these settings, then you will have to determine the amount of latency and shif the regions earlier by that amount.

      Command Click on the numeric level indicator twice. It will now display the latency in samples. Highlight all the regions in the track, hit Option H to open the shift dialog, select Earlier and enter the amount in samples…

      Hope this helps!

      • Once my vocals were pitch corrected, I tried to shirt earlier to adjust for the very slight latency, but when I did this, it removed the pitch correction. So I had to undo the shift. Any idea how to overcome that?


        See you tonight, and how do I officially sign up for the next Mixing Class? Am I in already because I have the All Access membership?

        THANKS!!! Now that graduation is behind me I can dive back in to this.