The Music Production Course


The Music Production Course is designed to teach you the art of music production and how to become a professional music producer in the modern music industry. The lessons learned in each class can be applied to ANY style of music or production style. Each week also includes a Music Business lesson that will offer valuable career building advice.

In this course you will learn the same techniques that have been used by professional music producers for decades all the way up to today. I will leave no stone unturned in teaching you the skills you need to get the most out of any song in the studio. These techniques will apply to all styles of music and all production styles!

This is a truly unique course that will provide rare insight into the professional music production process, from beginning to end. If you are a songwriter, artist, producer, engineer or all of the above, this is an amazing opportunity to learn the art of music production.

The Program

Class 1: The Modern Music Production Process

Becoming a successful music producer is a 2 step process of understanding what a modern music producer is and what they are responsible for. Then you will need to do an honest evaluation of your skills and weaknesses so that you can build a compatible team of people to work with.

  • Defining the Music Producer
  • The Many Roles of a Music Producer
  • Evaluating Your Skills
  • Collaborating With Others
  • BIZ of MP: Getting Started as a Music Producer

Class 2: Creating a Music Production

This class discusses the varied approaches used in the modern music production process. Every style of music offers unique challenges, but all of them follow a similar process in creating the final production.

  • The Music Production process: Step by Step
  • Lyric First Productions
  • Music First Productions
  • Remixing Productions
  • BIZ of MP: Who Owns the “Song”

Class 3: Song & Artist Evaluation

Until there is a song, there is nothing to produce! Hence, this is the best place to start in the music production process because it is the foundation of all the decisions you will make as the producer. These lessons are about the producer’s perspective in evaluating songs and and the artists that will be performing them.

  • Evaluating an Artist
  • What is the Song About
  • Melody and Song Structure
  • Designing the Right Music Production
  • BIZ of MP: Spec Deals vs. Work for Hire

Class 4: Building the Production

Regardless of the style, a song must be carefully built so that each part and performance has a clearly defined role and purpose in the production. This is critical to prevent over-producing a song or losing the direction and meaning of the song.

  • Production Mapping
  • Defining a Musical Style
  • Selecting Sounds & Defining Roles
  • Every Part and Performance Matters!
  • BIZ of MP: Music Production Contracts

Class 5: Preventing Common Music Production Problems

Every music production will run into obstacles and problems that need to be solved. Some of these issues are creative, some technical, some practical and some legal. This section discusses the most common issues and how to solve or prevent them.

  • Production Lacks Excitement
  • Production is Taking Too Long
  • Creative Conflicts
  • Lost My Objectivity
  • BIZ of MP: Renegotiating Contracts

Class 6: Recording and Editing

Working on your own is one thing, producing other people is completely another. Learning how to manage personalities and get great results is one of the most powerful and important skills of a music producer.

  • Producing With Programmers
  • Producing Musicians
  • Producing Vocals
  • Editing and Pitch Correction
  • BIZ of MP: Negotiating Rates and Royalties

Class 7: Mixing and Mastering

These lessons cover the Producer’s role in the mixing and mastering process. This is, by far, the most stressful and difficult part of the production process because it involves the most skill for all involved. Because Mixing and Mastering are the final stages of the music production process, the decisions are final. Making sure you get the results you are looking for is the subject of these lessons.

  • Are You Ready to Mix?
  • Mixing Production Techniques
  • Mastering Production Techniques
  • Moving on…
  • BIZ of MP: Building Business Relationships

Class 8: Selling Your Music Production Work

What good is all of this work unless someone hears it! This section discusses how to get your music out to the world for public consumption. Ultimately, no matter how talented, a producer’s success and reputation revolves around the success of their production work. In the BIZ of MP sales talk and BS walks…

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Distribution Outlets
  • Publishing Companies
  • Record Companies
  • BIZ of MP: Building a Reputation



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