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This is an 8 week intensive mixing course designed to completely change the way you approach mixing music. This course is the advanced version of the Basic Mixing Course. It contains more explicitly detailed information about the inner workings of the mixing process and the tools used for mixing.

This course is specifically designed for individuals who wish to learn a practical, professional approach to mixing in detail. This class was created by Michael White, a 30 year professional of the music industry with over 30 gold and platinum records and 100 million in sales. See my credits and discography HERE.

This course will completely transform the way you look at, listen to, and mix music!

The Advanced Mixing Course Includes:

  • 8 Two hour classes that demonstrate the mixing process
  • 40 additional lessons (5 per week) detailing each step in the mixing process.
  • Over 60 support videos (40+ hours of content)
  • Email Access For Questions
  • Downloadable Multi-Track Song for Mixing
  • Downloadable support materials

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Detailed Advanced Mixing Course Description



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