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Mix Mapping is the process of reverse engineering a music production to uncover the essential elements of what makes it tick. It is a necessary exercise for the development of your mixing and production skills. In the same way that a musician will transcribe a performance so that they can learn how to perform the same way, a mix engineer must attempt to transcribe mixes in order to evaluate the way a mix was constructed.

Whatever style of music you prefer to produce or mix there are basic structures including: instruments balances, panning schemes, frequency characteristics, compression characteristics and common effects processing techniques that are utilized. The idea of mix mapping is not to make your productions “Cookie Cutter”, but rather to give you the ability to quickly and efficiently get shape the mix in a manner that is appropriate to the style. The faster you get to this place, the more time you have to put your personal touch or unique twist on the mix.

The following is a list of Mix Mapping videos from the Mixing With Mike classes.

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