Mastering Services

Mastering Services


Professional Experience

With over 13 years of professional mastering experience and 27 years of professional engineering experience, I offer high quality mastering services at reasonable prices. I will work directly with you to give you the best product until you are 100% satisfied. There are no limits to the number of revisions as long as the requests are reasonable.

More Than Just a Mastering Session

Unlike many mastering engineers, I have worked for years as a mix engineer in world class studios with many of the top artists in the industry. (See my Discography) From that perspective I will make whatever suggestions I feel will help get the most out of your mixes so that the mastering can be most productive.


What’s Included:

With each mastering session you will get:

  • DDP Production Master for Duplication
  • Individual Masters in AIFF 16 bit format
  • Free ISRC Codes
  • Free MP3 conversion with Artwork, Meta Data and ISRC codes burned in.


$75 per song

$750 per CD

Because all projects have different requirements and budgets, I ask that you submit the Mastering and ISRC Services Form if you are interested in receiving mastering services. You can submit any special requests or information at the bottom of the form and we can discuss rates based on your budget and specific needs.

You are not legally bound to any Mastering or ISRC Services by filling out the form until an agreement on price and provided services is reached.

Mastering Services Form


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