The Home Recording Course

Home Recording Course

The Home Recording Course is specifically designed to instill a professional approach to recording in the home studio environment. The fundamental principles covered in this course are the same ones used by professional recording engineers and music producers throughout the recording industry for decades.

This course will translate these professional recording techniques into simple, easy to understand concepts that work perfectly in the home studio environment. Once you have integrated these fundamental principles, the ability to understand and integrate more advanced recording techniques will be a breeze.

The Home Recording Course will provide beginner to intermediate level information. Unless you have spent years working in a professional recording studio environment, this worksop will provide the necessary information you need to create an efficient and productive home recording environment.



The Program

CLASS 1: Home Studio Basics Part 1

These lessons get you started by helping you to understand how the gear you work with functions in the studio.

  • Equipment Basics: Hard Drives
  • Equipment Basics: Audio Interfaces
  • Equipment Basics: Microphones
  • Equipment Basics: Speakers and Headphones

CLASS 2: Home Studio Basics Part 2

This class will teach you how to set up and tune your studio for recording and mixing.

  • Building a Home Recording Studio
  • Studio Setup and Configuration
  • Monitoring – Speakers and Headphones
  • Understanding Your Hardware and Software

CLASS 3: Basic Recording Techniques 

Now that your studio is set up and tuned in, it is time to learn some recording techniques.

  • Basic Acoustics For Recording
  • Microphone Techniques
  • Using External Compressors and EQ
  • Recording Signal Flow
  • Preparing for Recording Sessions

CLASS 4: Recording Software 

This class focusses on recording software and how it works. The lessons taught here apply to any recording software application.

  • Software Signal Flow
  • Managing Songs
  • Organizing Performances – Takes and Tracks
  • Managing Latency
  • Working With Click Tracks
  • Recording Other Musicians
  • Recording Yourself
  • Using Samples
  • Using Software Instruments

CLASS 5: Editing and Plugins 

The lessons in this class focus on non-destructive editing and processing with plugins.

  • Audio Files and Regions
  • Editing Audio
  • Editing Midi and Software Instruments
  • Pitch Correction and Plugin Processing
  • Saving Your Edits

CLASS 6: Mixing in the Home Studio 

Once your song is recorded and edited to your satisfaction, it is time to mix. This class will focus on simple, practical mixing techniques and how to apply them.

  • Setting Up a Mix
  • Levels, Panning and Subtractive EQ
  • Compression and Additive EQ
  • Effects Processing Techniques
  • Automation and Printing the Final Mix

CLASS 7: Mastering in the Home Studio

Mastering is the final step in the music production process that prepares it for the public. This class will focus on mastering techniques in the home studio.

  • The Mastering Process
  • Mastering Software
  • Mastering for CD
  • Processing Techniques for Mastering
  • Exporting the Final Master


Purchase the Home Recording Course

$47  for 1 year access


Purchasing the Home Recording Course will give you access to all the online course materials. This course includes all 7 of the two-hour classes plus 35 additional lessons.

  • Access to All Live Class Replays
  • Access to 35 additional Lessons including over 40 videos

After purchase you can access the course materials using the “MPG Membership Home Page” Navigation tab on the left of the screen and select “Home Recording Course”.


Already have a Membership Profile?

  1. Go to your Membership Details Page
  2. Select the “Purchase” link next to “Other Membership Levels”
  3. Select the “Home Recording Course
  4. Hit “Next” and Check Out with PayPal.





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