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The MPG Career Builder Course is designed specifically for those who are interested in making and developing a career in Music Production and/or Engineering. This course focusses on the modern music industry and how to create a lucrative career whether you want to work from your home studio or out of a professional recording studio.

I have made 100% of my living from the music industry for almost 30 years. I have seen many changes and learned quickly how to adapt and thrive while others struggled. Over the 8 weeks I will teach you the secrets for staying on top of industry trends and knowing how to move quickly.

In this course you learn the necessary skills to get started, find clients, establish your business, increase rates and keep the work flowing in.

Class 1: Music Business Basics

In this section, you will learn the basics of the music industry and how it has developed over the decades. This provides the perspective necessary to take advantage of current industry trends.

  1. Brief History of Music Biz
  2. The Modern Music Industry
  3. Music Business Basics
  4. Where Does the Money Come From?
  5. Where Do You Fit In?

Class 2: Becoming an Entrepreneur

Freeing yourself of the “JOB” mindset is critical to building a successful career. In this class you will learn how to apply your creative energy into building a business. To be successful you must learn how to be the leader of your own career.

  1. Becoming an Entrepreneur
  2. Erasing the ‘JOB’ Mindset 
  3. Regaining Your Independence
  4. Establishing a Business Plan
  5. Investing In Yourself


Class 3: Getting Started

All the skills in the world are meaningless unless people know who you are and what you are capable of. This class focusses on establishing the Career Building Plan you will use get your career started and established quickly.

  1. The Career Building Plan
  2. Building a Foundation
  3. Being Consistent and Persistent
  4. Developing Your Skills
  5. Opportunities Are Everywhere!


Class 4: Finding Clients

No matter where you live, if you were capable of finding this website, you are capable of finding clients throughout the world. Living in a small town or a very competitive local industry is no longer an excuse for not establishing a career.

  1. Techniques for Finding Clients
  2. Establishing a Web Presence
  3. Establishing A Local Presence
  4. The Psychology of Sales
  5. Following up on Leads


Class 5: Developing a Client Base

This class focusses on developing the skills and strategies necessary to attract and establish clients. You will learn communication skills, networking skills, and how to sell your services.

  1. Networking 101
  2. Maintaining Clients
  3. Establishing a Personal Connection
  4. Getting Recommendations
  5. NEVER Beg for Work


Class 6: Building a Reputation

This is where the quality of your work will shine. The only business card you will ever need is the work you perform for others. Make sure people know who you are, what you are capable of, and how to find you.

  1. Developing Your Skills
  2. Delivering Quality Work
  3. Self Promotion
  4. Online Promotion
  5. Achieving Balance


Class 7: Money, Money, Money

What you charge for your services is based on the demand for your services. In this class you will learn how to always set rates from a position of power. Establishing demand is the key to raising your rates. You will also learn money management skills and how to invest in yourself.

  1. Understanding the Money Cycle
  2. Establishing & Negotiating Rates
  3. DBA versus Incorporation
  4. Lawyers, Guns and Money
  5. Managing Your Money


Class 8: Adapting To Industry Trends

Sustained success in the music industry is all about your ability to adapt to the sometimes rapid changes that occur. The industry has always run in cycles. In this class you will learn how to look for the meaningful industry trends and adapt to them quickly.

  1. The Music Industry Cycle
  2. Following Music Trends
  3. Following Technology Trends
  4. The Consumer Leads the Industry
  5. Think Big, Be Big




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Purchasing the Career Builder Course  will give you 1 year access to all the online course materials. This course includes all 8 of the 2-hour classes plus additional materials.

After purchase you can access the course materials using the “MPG Courses” navigation tab at the top of the screen and selecting “Career Builder Course”.


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